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Super Bowl 51 – The details

What: Super Bowl LI (51)

The biggest game of the American football life happens this weekend, and it is estimated that during it, Americans drink around 325 million gallons of beer, eat 25 billion chicken wings and 4.4 million pizzas. Ticket prices for the Bowl average $4,744, but start at $2,700. The largest group of ticket purchasers from any one place — 45% — appear to be from Houston.

Who: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

Two great quarterbacks will hit the field at NRG Stadium in Houston for the 51st iteration of the Super Bowl. Said quarterbacks lead two of the highest-scoring, driven offensive teams in the NFL. One QB is a newcomer to the Super Bowl; the other has been there a handful of times already. One is an NFL legend, one of the most talented QBs in the league. One is a fast-rising star who holds an equal candidacy for MVP, despite his team’s newness to national prominence up to now.

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Where: NRG Stadium, Houston TX

This was formerly known as Reliant Stadium and has hosted one other Super Bowl, in 2004. The stadium has a huge, retractable fabric roof. It is still TBD whether the roof will be open or not, but the way it is when the teams take the field is the way it’ll stay for the duration. The roof can be opened in as little as 7 minutes. Check here for the current roof status.

The NFL and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo share tenancy of the stadium. In 2012 Houston made the decision to upgrade their end zone displays with vast digital displays of 14,549 square feet, in order to entice the Super Bowl game to the city again.

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When: Sunday, Feb. 5 2017 at 6:30pm EST.

But you knew that already. You’re going to watch, right? It’ll be broadcast on Fox. You can stream it on FoxSportsGo if you have cable subscription or dish TV. Otherwise, you could see it on an old-style TV with an antenna for free. Another way is if you have Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Android TV, or AppleTV: You then download the FoxSportsGo app or NFL’s app, then sign in and watch. You can also watch it on your computer, streamed for free on FoxSports
Or you could watch The Puppy Bowl, its canine version, online for free.

Why: Because it’s so very American.

“Football” elsewhere in the world means some other sport entirely. It’s a US invention: The game was made here and played here.

Home Page

Welcome! This website is dedicated to making your betting much easier, whether you are looking to place bets on sporting events or you would rather play at the casino. We have an assortment of betting tips that will help you become proficient at whatever you want to improve at or simply learn from scratch. You can learn ways to help your odds against the house in blackjack or betting systems and handicapping for placing your bets on the NFL.

We are here to help you, the avid bettor that wants to improve and learn, so take a look around and find anything that can help your odds!

Casino Betting Tips

A big part of our tips section comes from the casino and the wide variety of games that are offered at most online casinos. There are many new, or even experienced, players that have not sat down at all the different tables and games that are available. This means that not only do you need to know the general rules of each game, but you also want to know the different strategies and tips that you can use to help yourself win. Playing at any casino should be fun, so always focus on that aspect first, then you can focus on winning money.

Remember to enjoy what you are doing, as it will pay off in the long run.

Sports Betting Tips

The other half of our tips section is dedicated to sports. This is a perfect section for any sports fan that wants to start placing bets on their favorite sport and/or team can find exactly what to look out for. We give you several different tips, including:

  • Betting line tips
  • Prop bet tips
  • Handicapping methods and strategies
  • Betting systems that you can use or modify to fit your needs

All of that and more, explained in an easy to understand manner so that you can start placing your bets like a pro after a short while. Remember, experience is a sports bettors best friend, so always gain more experience when you can.

Online Sportsbooks

We also offer you a great place to find an online sportsbook, or two, that will fit your needs and wants. You will get in-depth reviews of each of the top sportsbooks available online right now. This will help you narrow down which you prefer without having to sign up beforehand. Getting a rough guess of what you can expect is a great tool to use, so be sure to take advantage of it.


We like to focus on one of the most widely viewed sport in the U.S., football. Here you can find all the latest news post about what is happening in the current NFL season, including match recaps, match analysis, upcoming match previews, and much more.


This is the best tool for any new bettors that want to understand what everything means, whether you are at an online casino or placing a few bets at your sportsbook. Being able to understand what every betting term means will allow you to place more confident bets, instead of just guessing and placing a wrong wager. Take a look at the glossary any time you don’t understand a term floating around online and gain the knowledge to place a bet or avoid placing them.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy what you are doing, whether playing craps at the online casino or wagering on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl. We are always here to help you better understand what betting is, and how to get better at it.

Sports Betting General Tips

As you start placing bets on all the variety of sports tournaments and matches, there are a few tips and strategies that you can use to your advantage. Even for those that have been betting on sports and are already experts, it is always good to go back to the basics and refresh your memory. We will discuss important factors such as Money Management, Handicapping, and Habits to Avoid or Use.

Money Management

This is one of the most important aspects that any sports bettor should have in mind before they start placing bets. The golden rule to managing your money while betting is:

  • Only use what you can afford to lose and never use money that you need

By keeping that in mind, we can move on to a small strategy that has been very useful for most sports bettors in terms of bankroll management. You only want to use a certain percentage of your total bankroll each day or week, as it depends on how often you place bets. We tell bettors to only use about 50% – 60% of their total bankroll each week. We do this for two reasons:

  1. You will have about 40% – 50% left, which you will be able to use if, in the worst case scenario, you lose all of your bets
  2. You won’t be tempted to use extra money that needs to be used elsewhere (check the golden rule!)

We then take it a step further and will want you to split up that 50%-60% you are using into relatively small to medium bets that you can use to place multiple bets. We would use anywhere from 5% – 10% f the bankroll on each bet. Let’s say you have a total bankroll size of $800, and you plan on using 50%; $400.

Bankroll Size



# of Bets

$800 $400 $20 20
$1300 $650 $32.5 20

That is a total of 20 possible bets using 5% of your bankroll. During a week, that could mean you placing at least one bet on each of the NFL matches, or even multiple bets on several of the NFL games. By following this simple guide, you can maximize the amount of bets you can make, as well as maximizing your bankroll in case anything happens. Obviously for special occasions, be it the Super Bowl or the World Cup, there may be exceptions, and you could use up to 15% of your bankroll, but don’t forget that there are sports matches all year.


Handicapping is a great strategy for those that already enjoy following their favorite sports teams and players. There are really two types of handicapping, Technical and Fundamental. Technical handicapping has to do with numbers and statistics, where you base your prediction off of a calculation. Fundamental handicapping is taking a look at the overall picture, at the situations that occur, and from there make a prediction. There are some that use a combination of the two, but most of the time it is either one or the other.

What technical handicapper’s research:

  1. Offensive Stats. This means they look at the entire offense of a team in order to gauge how the overall team performs. This can include the total number of touchdowns, yards run/thrown, possession time, 1st and 3rd down attempts/successes, etc. All of these factors influence how the offense performs as a whole.


  1. Defensive Stats. These stats have to do with the whole team as a defensive unit. They research the amount of sacks, tackles, how well they are at stopping runs/throws (based on yards), how good they are at stopping the score. The defense of a team is somewhat harder to gauge, as they fluctuate more than the offense.


  1. Individual Player Stats. They also take a look at how each player performs; however, you don’t have to dive so deep by just looking at the key players. For example, looking at the QB means looking at their Attempts/Completions, touchdowns, interceptions, and sacks; which is what the QB rating gives an overall rating number you can also use to compare.

The problem with technical handicapping is that they don’t take into account anything sudden that can change in a game. There are always unpredictable plays or injuries that simply change the way the game is played. This is where the Fundamental handicapper’s come into play:

  1. Situations. They look at how a player is doing both physically and mentally. Looking at how well a team plays together, whether there are problems of communication between the QB and the WR. They look at the big picture and see how it could affect the game.

Habits to Avoid or Use

To Avoid:

  1. The number one habit to avoid when placing bets on the NFL, or any sport for that matter, is to never be drunk or emotional. Being drunk simply leads to making the bad choices and even worst mistakes. While betting when you are stressed or angry can also lead to rash decisions, like trying to make up for a loss by betting double. These are quickest ways to lose all your money.
  2. Following the hype or the crowd isn’t always as good as it sounds. There have been many times where the odds lean in favor of one team more than the other due to the hype surrounding that team, but in the end the underdog ends up winning. This is why it is good to make your own decision based on facts, rather than just going with the flow.

To Use:

  1. On the other hand, a habit that you should always try to do when betting on sports is to actually watch the sports matches that you are betting on. For instance, if you are going to place bets of the NFL season, you should be watching the games and the teams that you want to bet on. This will give you a particular inside view of how a team is performing without needing to look at the numbers.
  2. News sites and the actual sports websites. You should use more than just one site to gather any information. This will allow you to sift through all the bias that can happen when you deal with the sports world. It is also a great way to get information that may have been otherwise hidden in other websites.

Baccarat Playing Tips

Baccarat is a casino card game that goes relatively unnoticed by many, as they rush for the poker and blackjack tables. However, what most casino players do not understand is that you can make quite a profit from playing baccarat, and it has some of the better odds of winning than most other casino card games. These are a few tips that you can use before and during your baccarat game, but remember, nothing is 100% effective when gambling, especially in game where most of it is luck.

Tip 1: Betting the Banker; Never the Tie

You may have heard of this tip many times before if you have ever encountered anyone playing baccarat. The reason for this is the house advantage. The house advantage is the odds the casino has of beating you, and the lower it is, the better it is for you. There are a total of three possible bets when playing baccarat, Player, Banker, and Tie. Each one of these bets has a different house advantage:

Bet House Advantage
Banker 1.17%
Player 1.36%
Tie 14.12%

Looking at the advantages of each bet, we can already see that betting on a Tie has horrible odds of actually happening. Whenever you place a bet on the Banker or the Player you get a pay-out of 1:1, but with a Tie you get a pay-out of 8:1; 9:1 depending on the casino.

This is why most seasoned baccarat players tend to play it the safest possible and place their bets on the Banker. Now, this does not guarantee that you will win all the time, but it does give you better odds of winning more times than losing.

Tip 2: Practice!

There is a huge difference between baccarat and other card games, like blackjack, and that is the fact that you simply cannot count cards, or find an effective betting system that will allow you to rake in the cash. There are plenty of free and available online casinos that you can go play baccarat. This is where you can take advantage of this and practice. This will help you do several things:

  • Get comfortable with how the game is played
  • Practice makes perfect, and you will be less likely to make mistakes
  • Gain experience on certain patterns that can arise

Always use the tools that are available, especially if they are free.

Tip 3: Beginners Must Learn

If you are just starting out, and have no idea what baccarat is or how it is played, you need to read up on the rules and the gameplay. This is highly important, as it will teach you the basics of how the game is played. Baccarat isn’t a game where you can simply sit down and you will understand what is happening; it doesn’t have the general knowledge of how to play like blackjack or poker out there is the widespread media. Trusting your gut and just winging it will only bring you misfortune and an empty wallet.

Tip 4: Mini Baccarat

One great variation of baccarat is mini baccarat. It uses the same rules as baccarat, but comes with some great perks, making it perfect for those that are just only beginning to play. They can get the feel for the game, while not having to spend too much money as mini baccarat tends to have lower table limits.

Tip 5: Number of Decks

You may not think that the number of decks that a baccarat table plays with is relevant, but it is quite the opposite. Just like with blackjack, the number of decks increases or decreases your chances of winning or at least getting a good hand. Most of the baccarat tables play with a total of 8 decks, but if you are able to find a casino that offers baccarat with fewer than 8 decks, play on those tables.

There isn’t much else to talk about, as baccarat is quite simple after you get to understand how it is played. All that is left is for you to start practicing and playing, and always keep these tips in mind.

Ravens Ray Lewis to return next season

The Baltimore Ravens are still licking their wounds after letting a trip to the Super Bowl slip through their fingers against the New England Patriots on Sunday. With the Ravens making two big mistakes late in the game against the Patriots with a dropped touchdown pass by Lee Evans (which could’ve won the game) and a missed chip shot of a field goal by kicker Billy Cundiff, Baltimore was crushed by coming that close to a Super Bowl appearance and missing it due to unfortunate mistakes.

The big question after the 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots for the Baltimore Ravens was whether or not veteran perennial Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis would return. With Lewis not getting any younger at 36-years-old (37 before next season), the consensus has been that he will hang them up sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for the future Hall-of-Famer as he wants to come back for at least one more season with the Baltimore Ravens.

As for talks of a decline in play for Lewis, those talks can be put to rest as the superstar linebacker recorded 12 tackles against the Patriots on Sunday and showed that he still has something left in the tank. With the Baltimore Ravens being one of the league’s elite teams and seemingly getting better and better with every passing season, it is hard to blame Ray Lewis for coming back for another season as this team’s chances of competing for a Super Bowl title next season are very good to say the least.

This season the Baltimore Ravens proved that they are ready to take the next step under head coach John Harbaugh with a 12-4 regular season record and an AFC North division title. Not only were the Ravens dominant through the majority of the NFL regular season, but they dominated their arch division rivals and defending AFC champions in the Pittsburgh Steelers with two convincing wins.

That success alone is enough to merit the return of Ray Lewis as long as he can stay healthy. With four games missed by the perennial Pro Bowl linebacker, Lewis realized he isn’t made of a steal and will have to retire at some point in the near future. Baltimore still seems to back their face of the franchise as the Ravens are willing to stick with their superstar linebacker next season.

If the Baltimore Ravens do fall short of the Super Bowl once again next season, it wouldn’t surprise me to see both safety Ed Reed and linebacker Ray Lewis call it quits. It is still way too early to anticipate moves being made by the Ravens to improve this football team, but with as good as they looked in the NFL playoffs this team could stand pat with minor moves being made before next season.

AFC Wild Card

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Denver Broncos Sun. Jan. 8, 2012 4:30 p.m. EST

The first week of the NFL playoffs will be a good one with all the Wild Card teams battling it out for a chance to face the cream of the crop in the form of the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. Even though most of these Wild Card teams don’t stand much of a chance against the big dogs in the playoffs, there is always a possibility of one of these teams doing the seemingly impossible.

The one team that comes into the playoffs as arguably the biggest underdog is the AFC West division champion Denver Broncos with second-year quarterback Tim Tebow leading the way under center. Not only are the Broncos arguably the biggest underdog, but they will have arguably the toughest challenge ahead of them as they will have to face off against the lockdown defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense is a bit banged up coming into this matchup with two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Ben Roethlisberger nursing a sore ankle and running back Rashard Mendenhall (torn ACL, right knee) out for the season, but this team has been good enough on the defensive side of the football that they might be able to takeout the Denver Broncos without much trouble.

With a three-game losing streak coming into this game on Sunday in the Mile High City, the Denver Broncos are struggling with the offense having trouble scoring and the vastly improved offense shouldering the load. Now that Tim Tebow and company have started to struggle on offense, the defense has been on the field much more than usual and as a result this team has begun to fall apart.

Throughout the NFL regular season, the Denver Broncos were without a doubt the most talked about team in the league with Tim Tebow seemingly the one thing this team was missing. Despite winning the AFC West division title and getting back into the playoffs for the first time in quite a while, the Broncos just don’t seem like the same team that was so impressive and driven earlier in the year.

Betting tip 101: Bet on your Favorite NFL Team with Bovada Sportsbook

With that being said, the Denver Broncos will have their hands full against the defending AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend and will not be the favorites even though they are playing on their home field. Like I said before though, anything can happen in the playoffs and there is always a chance for an upset.

As of right now, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the heavy favorites in this AFC Wild Card game with a -9 point spread. Even though I believe the Steelers are capable of blowing out the Broncos and covering this large spread, taking Denver seems like the wise decision.

Take the Broncos at +9.

NFC Wild Card

Atlanta Falcons @ New York Giants Sun. Jan. 8, 2012 1 p.m. EST

The Atlanta Falcons have been one of the more intriguing football teams in the NFL this season with Matt Ryan and company playing extremely well when firing on all cylinders. Even though this team can play with anyone when on their game, the Falcons have also been very streaky with this team either showing up or struggling right out of the gate.

Despite their struggles this season on both sides of the football, the Atlanta Falcons have been able to clinch a playoff spot via the NFC Wild Card and will take on the NFC East division champion New York Giants as a result. Much like the Falcons, the Giants have also been very good when on their game and terrible when not. The Giants were able to turn it on in the second half of the season and takeout the arch division rival Dallas Cowboys in the regular season finale, but there is no telling what team will show up in the playoffs.

As arguably one of the more even matchups in the first round of the NFL playoffs, the New York Giants or the Atlanta Falcons could easily get the win on Sunday and advance to the next round. The team to watch though should be the Giants as they have been impressive over the last few weeks of the NFL regular season and might have hit their stride at just the right time.

With Eli Manning playing more like a healthy Peyton Manning recently, the Giants have a great chance of winning this football game with some potent offense and decent defense. New York has been more of a defensive-minded football team over the year, but this season their bread and butter seems to be on offense with a good mix of run and pass.

This team definitely wins and loses games with the play of Eli Manning and with that being said the two-time Pro Bowler will have a lot of pressure on him to put up some big numbers this weekend. The running game will also play a big factor for the Giants in this matchup with Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs looking to get involved in the offense.

As for the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Michael Turner and rookie wideout Julio Jones could be potentially huge for this team. The Falcons are as good as any team in the league on offense when all four of these guys are playing up to their potential, but it is definitely hit-or-miss with this bunch.

As of right now, the New York Giants are favored to come out on top at home in this NFC Wild Card matchup with a -3 point spread. Conclusion: Our Football Betting Tips Guru says: This game could definitely go either way, but in the end I believe the Falcons will get the win at MetLife Stadium.

Take the Falcons at +3.

Super Bowl XLV: Green Bay Packers early favorites

Almost immediately after the Pittsburgh Steelers sealed the deal against the New York Jets in the AFC Championship game last weekend, the Green Bay Packers were given the edge against Ben Roethlisberger and company in Super Bowl XLV.

Obviously, the -2.5 point spread is a bit premature considering the fact that there are many things that could happen between now and Super Bowl Sunday. One of the main concerns before the Super Bowl will be the health of the players on both the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The two players that made headlines on both teams in terms of injuries over this past week have been perennial Pro Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers and All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey. Apparently, Rogers has a sore shoulder from when he rushed for his only touchdown against the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game while Pouncey has a broken ankle that he suffered in the AFC Championship game against the New York Jets.

Despite the shoulder injury being a major concern for the Packers, head coach Mike McCarthy hasn’t really said much about his quarterback’s health issue which leads people to believe that either it is no big deal or they want to keep the media out of it completely.

Even if Aaron Rodgers is banged up heading into Super Bowl Sunday, the quarterback is as tough as they come and has learned from playing behind three-time NFL MVP Brett Favre that you can play even if you’re arm is falling off.

In terms of this matchup, the one thing that everyone will be talking about is the defenses of both of these extremely talented football teams. Even though the Steelers have lived and died by their play on the defensive side of the football, the Packers defense could be just as good if not better than Pittsburgh’s.

Along with having a dominant defense led by Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson, the Green Bay Packers also have one of the best offenses in the league with Aaron Rodgers being arguably the best quarterbacks in this league today.

With that being said, the real matchup here will be Aaron Rodgers against lockdown defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If Rodgers can get the best of Troy Polamalu and company, I believe the Packers should cruise to victory, but if he struggles and is a good chance he might as the running game will be virtually nonexistent, this game could come down to the wire with yet another thrilling finish in the Super Bowl.

Another thing to watch for is the running game of the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers defense. Last weekend running back Rashard Mendenhall had a big day against the New York Jets defense and might be key to victory for the Steelers against the Packers.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out for both teams, but I am convinced that the Green Bay Packers are the better team and will look to prove that point with a win over one of the most successful NFL franchises in the league on Super Bowl Sunday.

Blackjack Tips

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Round Robins

A round robin is a method that allows you to create multiple Parlays at one time. Depending on the sportsbook you visit you can choose between 3 and 12 teams and then create parlays using all possible combinations of those teams. Round robins are an effective wagering option because usually you will only need to win one of your parlays to cover the money you are risking on all the others. And if you hit more than one of your parlays your profit goes up even more.

Sign and get Betting Now

It’s a bit hard to explain a round robin in words. An example is the best way to illustrate the concept. Let’s say that you believe that each of these three Major League Baseball teams will win their games on the same day;

[email protected]:05pm Philadelphia Phillies -1½ (+150)
Game must go 9 innings (8.5 if home team is ahead) or this pick is NO ACTION.
Jo Jo Reyes (L) must throw first pitch for Atlanta Braves or this pick is NO ACTION.
Kyle Kendrick (R) must throw first pitch for Philadelphia Phillies or this pick is NO ACTION.

[email protected]:05pm Cleveland Indians -1½ (+170)
Game must go 9 innings (8.5 if home team is ahead) or this pick is NO ACTION.
Justin Duchscherer (R) must throw first pitch for Oakland Athletics or this pick is NO ACTION.
Paul Byrd (R) must throw first pitch for Cleveland Indians or this pick is NO ACTION.

[email protected]:10pm New York Mets -1½ (+105)
Game must go 9 innings (8.5 if home team is ahead) or this pick is NO ACTION.
John Lannan (L) must throw first pitch for Washington Nationals or this pick is NO ACTION.
John Maine (R) must throw first pitch for New York Mets or this pick is NO ACTION.

Instead of putting together a three-team parlay and needing all three teams to win in order for you to win any money, you can place a round robin bet. The round robin creates every possible two-team parlay from the three teams that you are favoring.

First parlay:
Philadelphia Phillies -1½ (+150)
Cleveland Indians -1½ (+170)
Risk $10 to win $57.50

Second parlay:
Philadelphia Phillies -1½ (+150)
New York Mets -1½ (+105)
Risk $10 to win $43.00

Third parlay:
Cleveland Indians -1½ (+170)
New York Mets -1½ (+105)
Risk $10 to win $45.40

Since each parlay carries a $10 wager, the total amount you are risking for all three parlays is $30. The maximum payout would be $146.10 assuming all three parlays hit. But you can also see that if even the lowest paying parlay hit while the other two lost you would more than cover the losses with your winnings.

Since in this example the odds for all three teams are different from the standard line of (-110), you would be using true odds to obtain the payout information on each parlay. We have already calculated them and shown you the results in terms of winnings on a $10 wager. But you can review our article on Parlay Odds if you want an exact method of calculating them.